U55 – End of the line



U55 – END OF THE LINE is a survival horror game set in the subway of modern-day Berlin. Heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, we aim to create an immersive urban horror experience. We want to recreate the classic “cosmic horror” setting of diabolical entities breaking into what we call reality. What humanity believes to be regulated by the laws of nature, is only true until cosmic forces start swaying over the world.

You play David, an American exchange student who is on his way to the central station to meet his girlfriend. After his subway train crashes, he has to navigate through the dark with his smartphone display as his only source of light.

  • U55 – END OF THE LINE is a single-player, first-person action-adventure game inspired by classic horror games such as Amnesia, Dead Space and Silent Hill.
  • The game faithfully recreates Berlin’s original sites, such as subway stations, parts of the government district and the central station.
  • The game features binaural sound-effects especially intended for stereo headsets. These are designed to support the disturbing, adrenaline-driven atmosphere and enhance your perception.


Recommended Age:16+
Status:In Development
Developer:Effective Evolutions

My Tasks

As Game Designer on that project I have the following tasks:

  • Game Design Documentation inside the Project-Wiki
  • Design of Core-Gameplay-Mechanics
  • Interface Design
  • Support of the Storytelling-Team