About Me

As a son of a PC-technician I owned my first PC very early and discovered my passion for video games at the age of 6. RTS-games and City-builders like Anno 1602, Stronghold or Earth 2150 laid the foundation of my future carreer choices. I made my first steps with user-generated content in Stronghold when I created new mission maps on my own but I wanted to go further: I created own card-games, wrote down gameplay concepts and stories.

So it was an easy decision to go study Game Design at the Games Academy Berlin to get deeper knowledge of how to design and develop games. Afterwards I directly entered the Games Industry, working on Serious Games for a while.

Games are experiences delivered by the developer to the player. I believe the Game Designer has to have gathered unique experiences himself in order to deliver unique gaming experiences, so I always try out new things: Diving, Sky-Diving, I guess mountaineering is the next one.

I prefer to work on games which want the user to think or want him to loose himself in a digital world. This is how I ended up at Effective Evolutions working on U55 – END OF THE LINE, a game with a strong narrative component.

But I am always on the lookout for new possibilities and challenges. So please don’t hesitate to contact me, visit my online-profiles or download my CV for further information.




+49 (0) 163 580 98 23